Notes from the Trail


This is timely since I am being asked the question from time to time, and several others whether members of […]

A Campaign Strategy Change

A Campaign Strategy Change I am formally going to change my campaign strategy.  Initially, I thought that I would get […]

My Latest Video

Ray Netherwood - Candidate Announcement

My Commitments

* I will NEVER vote to raise the debt ceiling.

* I will NEVER vote for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget.

* I will always represent the interests of the people of my district.

* I support a Term Limits Amendment and will not seek more than 3 terms.

* I will never vote for a bill that hasn't been read.

* I am committed to the U.S. Constitution.

* I will support the rights of all individuals regardless of race, gender, religion, or other class.

* I will work with both parties to fix our fiscal mess and to protect civil liberties.

* It's time to get serious and I am the person for the job.

Campaign Photos